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Marley Braid Hair styled for another 3 days

This is part 2 of “Adding Marley Braid Hair to a Hopeless bun.”

Good afternoon Lovelies. So for the next few days after my last post with the Marley Braid hair I experimented a little further. I wanted a bun that wouldn’t put too much pressure on my edges, and I also wanted a style that appeared to be my natural hair in a sloppy/relaxed way. This first style literally got me compliments from everywhere. People really thought it was all mine (hehe). That night I braided my hair (with olive oil and CURLS moisturizer) and then released them in the morning. I had a pretty defined braid out but that wasn’t how I planned to rock my hair that day. I loosely gathered up each section with a scrunchie, and then finally wrapped the Marley Braid hair around my tiny bun. Here are some pics (sorry I had food in my mouth in one of them):




So that night I re-braided my hair around the edges of my head and did large twists in the center. The next day I had class early so I just put a hat over it and removed the braids/twists after my class. I was surprised at how defined my hair looked. I did a semi-flat twist and pinned it to the side of my head and added the Marley hair to my bun. Here are some pics:



The following day I did another braid out bun. I made a pompadour in the front to show off my definition and then added the Marley Braid hair to my bun. More pics:



So there you have it guys and gals. This is proof that Marley Braid hair can do wonders to a hopeless bun. I still have a lot more experimenting to do with this hair so I can’t wait.

P.S.- I am so sorry for the awkward shots and what not. This camera is not meant to take selfies it seems. I may need a new camera. Unfortunately it won’t be anytime soon but i’ll manage for now. Well, I hope you all enjoyed this post, because it literally took me three hours (having to convert the pics). Anyway, I hope you all have a wonderful day and i’ll have a new post up on Friday. Peace!


Adding Marley Braid Hair to a Hopeless Bun

Apology: I am so sorry for my lack of posts this month. I haven’t been on here in a while so I have a lot of catching up to do. I missed you guys so much though. Unfortunately finals week basically took most of my time. Hopefully next time I’ll post a warning before I disappear for a month. Anyway, hope you’re having a wonderful morning! This is part 1 of 2.

So it’s the day after my whole “Anita Grant Rhassoul clay Cubes” wash day, and I begin un-braiding/twisting my hair. That morning I had already planned on doing a high bun, but since I hadn’t worn a braid out in over 6 months I feared that it wouldn’t last long throughout the day. However, my hair looked amazingly defined and felt nice and airy. Still, I was cautious, so I put it in a bun…a hopeless looking one, and went to my first class. Honestly, although I love how it looked from the front, I was still nervous about walking across campus with a bun that looked like it contained only 3 strands of hair in it. Oh well, I still made it through the day maintaining as much confidence as I could summon. It really wasn’t that bad though. Everything besides the size of my bun looked good. That night I re-twisted my hair with just water, Vatika oil, and castor oil (on my ends.) Here are some pics:

ck b5

ck b2

ck b1

ck b3

The next day I un-did my twists, put my hair in a bun, and did a large flat twist across the front of my head (after trial and error with two twists in the front). The day before I had remembered that I had Marley braid hair that I had only used once and forgotten about ever since. I took it out and frizzed it up a bit to make it look more natural, and wrapped it around my tiny bun. Here are some pics:

ck s1
ck s2

ck s7
ck s3
ck s4
ck s5
ck s6
ck s8

P.S.: Again I apologize for my absence this last month. Part two will be up on Wednesday. Have an awesome day!

Wash day with Anita Grant Rhassoul Cubes

Good Afternoon wonderful readers! Okay so over winter break I ordered Anita Grant’s Rhassoul Clay cubes after I saw fusionofcultures on youtube use it, as well as Naptural85 on her blog. I was so excited to try them that I ordered two packages of it (to avoid more shipping costs in the future). When I received my package-about three weeks later- I could smell the scent before I even opened it. All the chocolatey goodness of it. I opened the package excitedly and saw (within the little white box) that each box contained three chocolate candy-looking cubes.

Pre Wash:

The day before washing my hair I had it in a twist out (the one from the previous post). That night I lazily rolled and tucked my hair into five sections on my head and secured each one with a band. I removed them the next morning, and after much shaking, picking (with afro pick) and scrunching I achieved my desired look:

ck d1ck d12

Wash Time:

On wash day I clarified my scalp with diluted apple cider vinegar, and then shampooed with Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Tingle. After my hair was stripped clean I placed one of the cubes into a glass measuring cup and poured an itsy bit amount of hot water on top, and then mixed it with a spoon. I ended up making it slightly too watery so I added half of another cube into the liquid and applied it to my hair. In all honesty, it was so disappointing. Correct me if i’m wrong, but I had the intentions that it would weigh my hair down like a Bentonite clay mask- as noted in the videos I watched on Youtube. On top of my high expectations for this product, it didn’t even work so well as just a deep conditioner. It felt as though my hair wasn’t even fully saturated with product. I wanted to give it one more shot so I placed in the rest of the other half cube, mixed in hot water, and rubbed it in my hair. A little better, but not great. It was also slightly grainy. I then covered my head with a plastic cap and towel for an hour, then washed it out. I’ve had better results with just using a plain conditioner. Finally, I braided my hair with Jane Carter’s Solution products, Vatica oil, castor oil, and Kinky Curly knot today.

Pics Time!

Anita Grant Rhassoul Clay:




Product in my hair:
ck d21

ck d212

Products used and Style

ck d23

Shed hair after 3 months with extensions (There would have been more if I’d never detangled after removing them)


The results of how I style my hair the next day will be posted soon. As well as my new safety, or “go to” style. Have a great day!

P.S.- Did I mention I paid 34 dollars and change for 6 frick’n cubes that can only give me three uses! I didn’t even know I paid that much until I got my receipt and it said so. Turns out the 22 dollars (or so) I thought I was paying for this was actually in European pounds. The nerve. I plan on trying 100% Rhassoul clay in the future.


Length Check 3 years 5 months…many setbacks

lc on ckOkay guys so here’s the deal, I’ve been natural for the last 3 1/2 years, and i’m not even at apl yet. I don’t get it. I try to be patient. I try different techniques,  I protective style, seal and use protein/deep treatments, yet nothing seems to give me faster growth. I watch videos and look at pictures of naturals who started way after I had, and they are already at bra strap! uhghhhh, so frustrating!

Anyways, I have learned that I just have to be patient and enjoy my length as it is. So it doesn’t grow as fast as other naturals I have seen; what can I do about it besides accept it? I want to say more, but then again i’m not going to burden my readership with this rant. I will say however that I may have hope when it comes to retaining/growing my hair. I haven’t trimmed my hair in who knows how long and I have so many split ends that this just might be the reason to my madness. I plan on making an appointment next month with the salon Devachan to get a trim, highlights, and shape. Hopefully, this will fix my heartache.

Now onto what you all came here for- length check. And yes, these pictures are from the same day of my previous post.

p.s.- I cut my hair mostly in the front because my hair is thinner in that region and doesn’t shrink up like the rest of my fro. I also cut a few inches in the middle and front of my head because when I first went natural I thought it was heat damage when in fact some parts of my hair are just less elastic than others. Also, last January I cut about three inches off my nape because it look awkward (long story, i’ll tell you guys more about it in the future). Pics time:

Front: ck lc

ck lc 3










Side (temple):

ck lc 5










Back (nape):ck lc 4

ck lc 2










Middle:ck lc 7

ck lc 6

Well, there you have it. My length check. My next post will be “wash day” using Anita Grant’s Rhassoul clay cubes. Hope you have a wonderful day! Tata 🙂

Post “Take down”: Next day

IMG_2697Good Morning Lovelies!

Okay, so the next morning- wait, i’m lying, I actually woke up at around 2 p.m. The next afternoon I began to unravel my voluptuous twists when I realized that some of them in the back of my head were still damp. I was so annoyed, knowing that this was a result of the back of my head not getting enough oxygen because of the way I slept. The game would start in a few hours and all of my hard work to show off my sexy twist out would be wasted. So I added heat. Yep, for the first time since being fully natural these last 2 years (transitioned for a year and a 1/2) I NOW decide to use it. However, it wasn’t that bad. I used a blow dryer to the back of my hair on “warm” and switched back and forth to “cool,” never “hot.” After much of this to the back of my head I stop and let it air dry some more. By the time I returned to un-twisting them my hair was basically dry. As I was doing this I noticed how easily each twist separated into little individual waves on its own. I credit this to the amount of gel I used, and although I had a ton of buildup and flakes, it was barely noticeable because I had coated my hair with oil. This whole process of untwisting, fluffing, and using an afro pick all took no more than 15 minutes. The entire time I was doing my hair, I was cheesing and dancing in the mirror. “I look so good, girl you betta wurk!” Yea, so that’s how excited I was after seeing myself in a twist out after so long without my natural hair. On top of that- as I expected- I got compliments from every guy, girl, mom, lunch lady, janitor, random strangers, and a bunch of other people. Guys were especially stunned to see me with my new hair after it being below waist length only the day before (extensions). That’s natural hair for you. And I love it!

Okay, so enough chit chat for now, here are the pics:



After the game several hours later:


Now it’s time for texture shots! In some of these pics you can definitely see the flakes from the gel.

IMG_2768 IMG_2769



Well that’s all for today guys, but come back tomorrow and i’ll give you a length check.

p.s.- Feel free to spread the word