Post “Take down”: Next day

IMG_2697Good Morning Lovelies!

Okay, so the next morning- wait, i’m lying, I actually woke up at around 2 p.m. The next afternoon I began to unravel my voluptuous twists when I realized that some of them in the back of my head were still damp. I was so annoyed, knowing that this was a result of the back of my head not getting enough oxygen because of the way I slept. The game would start in a few hours and all of my hard work to show off my sexy twist out would be wasted. So I added heat. Yep, for the first time since being fully natural these last 2 years (transitioned for a year and a 1/2) I NOW decide to use it. However, it wasn’t that bad. I used a blow dryer to the back of my hair on “warm” and switched back and forth to “cool,” never “hot.” After much of this to the back of my head I stop and let it air dry some more. By the time I returned to un-twisting them my hair was basically dry. As I was doing this I noticed how easily each twist separated into little individual waves on its own. I credit this to the amount of gel I used, and although I had a ton of buildup and flakes, it was barely noticeable because I had coated my hair with oil. This whole process of untwisting, fluffing, and using an afro pick all took no more than 15 minutes. The entire time I was doing my hair, I was cheesing and dancing in the mirror. “I look so good, girl you betta wurk!” Yea, so that’s how excited I was after seeing myself in a twist out after so long without my natural hair. On top of that- as I expected- I got compliments from every guy, girl, mom, lunch lady, janitor, random strangers, and a bunch of other people. Guys were especially stunned to see me with my new hair after it being below waist length only the day before (extensions). That’s natural hair for you. And I love it!

Okay, so enough chit chat for now, here are the pics:



After the game several hours later:


Now it’s time for texture shots! In some of these pics you can definitely see the flakes from the gel.

IMG_2768 IMG_2769



Well that’s all for today guys, but come back tomorrow and i’ll give you a length check.

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Take down of Senegalese twists and style

After having Senegalese twists in for almost three months I finally took them down. This process took me almost three hours(40 minutes of study and 2 episodes of Scandal.) Upon removing my twists my hair felt beyond brittle, with lots of build up at the roots and very dry. Some twists were easy while a few others got so tangled with my hair that I had to cut some of my own strands. Also, several twists in the middle of my head (from the previous take down) had locked because I had never detangled them when I had initially  re-twisted my hair. The better twists were very stretched out and created some great curls (twist out).

It was almost 12 a.m. in the morning at this point, so I decided that i’d have to wait until another day to wash it. The thing is, I had a basketball game to go to the next day so I couldn’t imagine having to wash my hair and style it to be dry in time for the game. So I twisted my hair with gel….lots and lots of gel, and can you believe I didn’t use a comb the entire time? Yea, I know. Anyway, I finished at 2:20 in the morning, which isn’t that bad considering the tangled state my hair was in at that time. I saved the colored extensions for future twists, being that they looked like they could get a few more uses (plus one pack costed me $6 on ebay). I twisted my hair with water, a mixture of oils, Shea Moisture Smoothie, Eco Styler gel (a ton), and Castor oil on my ends. This combo, the gel especially, coated my hair with a white film. When this process was complete I was shocked my nails had withstood the entire process, and even more shocked at the finger detangling method (never knew it could be so effective once oil and water hit it). While checking my length, I noticed that my hair had grown a lot more (I told myself), and I already began obsessing about how I was going to style it for the next few weeks (in which I planned to put in another set of extensions). I planned to keep my loose natural hair out for 3 weeks.

Okay, so now here are the pics, and mind you, I look kinda busted in some of them. Not to mention I decided to do an oatmeal facial during this process. They are in order from take down to style.




























































Part 2 coming soon. Hope you enjoyed 🙂

How I clean scalp with extensions: Post 2 months

While I had my hair in extensions-for over two months- I barely washed them. In fact, I only washed my hair in the shower once, and the second time, I just used apple cider vinegar distilled with water. I find that using apple cider vinegar to only clean my scalp is a lot less work than having to wash my hair in the shower while it gets heavy and dries for two days. This new method (for me) is a lot more efficient. Below will be pictures of this process, in which I am on the surface of 2 months with extensions. Literally all I need to show you are a few pictures, it is a fairly easy process.

  • I first filled a small applicator bottle with slightly less than 1 part apple cider vinegar and three parts water. I also placed a towel around my neck to catch the solution. In all honesty, I didn’t even need half of that. I only needed about 1/4 of the amount that I made, but I didn’t bother saving it.

acv bottle

  • Next, I applied it all over my scalp until my hair was drenched while simultaneously rubbing my scalp as it got cleaned. At this point my head was beginning to itch like crazy. I began rubbing it harder to get relief (it felt really good) and I also used a comb to scratch my scalp as well. I guess this was just a sure sign that my scalp was being stripped of all it’s grease.











  • As you can see my hair is looking beyond ratchet in these photos, but, at this point, I was still able to keep these in for almost another month by wearing a beanie or bunning. After this process all I did was let it air dry and it was good to go for the next few weeks.



Was supposed to take them down but……

Okay so I had really gotten tired of having my Senegalese twists in and I kind of missed my hair. I had school in a week and still had in twists from the previous semester. Then I got an idea. I could take out some of the twists in the middle of my head so  that I can enjoy the feel of my natural hair, without having to take out the entire style. At this point and time I was still annoyed with my hair growth- or lack there of- so I wanted to protective style for two months. In this way it would make me appreciate my natural hair more. The sad thing is, I wasn’t moisturizing and sealing like I was supposed to. I would go 2 weeks at a time without putting a drip of water on my hair. Smh. Anyways, I was able to wear a ponytail and and buns for another 4 weeks (or slightly less) and also wore a hat when I didn’t want to put it up. I went into the new school year with old hair but everyone (I mean everyone) was giving me compliments, telling me that they “had never seen these colors this way and the twists so large”, and so on. Thing is, ever since I went natural I have been getting stares and approvals from every race, gender, sex, you name it. Even when my natural hair is covered in twists or braids, everyone seems to love it. I do as well, and I am really loving the color play I have found an interest in. I have had these in from 11/12/12- 2/1/13.  Here are some pictures of my 4 weeks with old hair.

The middle of my head before removing some.        This is after I take out out the Senegalese twists.



Oh no! New extensions obsession causes problems – Box Braids

Yea, so this is a back order post, but the title was saved. I don’t feel so hopeless anymore lol. Okay so this was around early January when I had my Senegalese twists in. I was on tumbler and there were so many beautiful extensions and colors and Ideas. Uggghhhh, stressed. I’m better now though. Here are some of my favorite pics:

(For some of these, I was more interested in the color)


tumblr_mhyxqzwZib1s4a0rko1_500 tumblr_mi03qaoS7y1rmmm3io1_500 tumblr_m4breugo5i1rqoibro1_1280 like this omg try this!! this 7 try this 2 hair! tumblr_mi103stH4n1qd1z2zo1_500P.S.- Be on the look out for one of my posts that went nearly viral.