Hair History

My Hair History– I got my last texlax September 2009. From there I wore box braids and had no clue how to care for my hair. One night I was on youtube when I found Kimmaytube’s youtube page. That night was the night I decided to take my journey of healthy natural hair. The transition had its ups and downs but the longer my natural hair got, the easier it became. In may of 2010 I flat ironed my hair each week for the entire month and actually went into june. I never really took heat damage seriously at that time and I thought I would be safe from harms way because I did an Aphogee 2 Step treatment which makes the hair extremely strong. I never knew I had damage until March(2011) when I did my big chop. My first year and a half I was simple when it came to products. All I used was shea butter, organics olive oil deep conditioner, castor oil, olive oil eco styler gel, and Trader Joe’s shampoo. It was after my big chop when I started searching for products. I was directly lead the shea moisture line. And BAM!! Ever since then I buy product after product after product and now it is safe to say that I am a true product junkie. Since then I have cut several inches off here and there mostly in the front and middle of my head, but especially the front. The reason being that the front of my hair doesn’t shrink as much as the middle back of it does. So when my hair is out the front is usually noticeably longer. Oh, and I did have this major cut at my name around January (2012) last year because the back of my hair had the loosest curl patter and was the longest so when I wore twist outs, that too would hang too much. The front and back of my hair both got major cuts on the same night, but I only regreted the back cut after going to school the next day and everyone asking me why I cut my hair-did’nt think it would be THAT noticeable.  At this point in my journey I am a little over three years, except the growth rate of my hair hasn’t been very satisfactory to me. I still love it though, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything LESS than it’s kinkyness. Type 4 hair all day.  Stay posted for updates. There will be many. 🙂

I love this pic. Very beautiful.

———————————————————————————————————– sep. 2011 tube launch canceled temporarily

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