Marley Braid Hair styled for another 3 days

This is part 2 of “Adding Marley Braid Hair to a Hopeless bun.”

Good afternoon Lovelies. So for the next few days after my last post with the Marley Braid hair I experimented a little further. I wanted a bun that wouldn’t put too much pressure on my edges, and I also wanted a style that appeared to be my natural hair in a sloppy/relaxed way. This first style literally got me compliments from everywhere. People really thought it was all mine (hehe). That night I braided my hair (with olive oil and CURLS moisturizer) and then released them in the morning. I had a pretty defined braid out but that wasn’t how I planned to rock my hair that day. I loosely gathered up each section with a scrunchie, and then finally wrapped the Marley Braid hair around my tiny bun. Here are some pics (sorry I had food in my mouth in one of them):




So that night I re-braided my hair around the edges of my head and did large twists in the center. The next day I had class early so I just put a hat over it and removed the braids/twists after my class. I was surprised at how defined my hair looked. I did a semi-flat twist and pinned it to the side of my head and added the Marley hair to my bun. Here are some pics:



The following day I did another braid out bun. I made a pompadour in the front to show off my definition and then added the Marley Braid hair to my bun. More pics:



So there you have it guys and gals. This is proof that Marley Braid hair can do wonders to a hopeless bun. I still have a lot more experimenting to do with this hair so I can’t wait.

P.S.- I am so sorry for the awkward shots and what not. This camera is not meant to take selfies it seems. I may need a new camera. Unfortunately it won’t be anytime soon but i’ll manage for now. Well, I hope you all enjoyed this post, because it literally took me three hours (having to convert the pics). Anyway, I hope you all have a wonderful day and i’ll have a new post up on Friday. Peace!


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