Length Check 3 years 5 months…many setbacks

lc on ckOkay guys so here’s the deal, I’ve been natural for the last 3 1/2 years, and i’m not even at apl yet. I don’t get it. I try to be patient. I try different techniques,  I protective style, seal and use protein/deep treatments, yet nothing seems to give me faster growth. I watch videos and look at pictures of naturals who started way after I had, and they are already at bra strap! uhghhhh, so frustrating!

Anyways, I have learned that I just have to be patient and enjoy my length as it is. So it doesn’t grow as fast as other naturals I have seen; what can I do about it besides accept it? I want to say more, but then again i’m not going to burden my readership with this rant. I will say however that I may have hope when it comes to retaining/growing my hair. I haven’t trimmed my hair in who knows how long and I have so many split ends that this just might be the reason to my madness. I plan on making an appointment next month with the salon Devachan to get a trim, highlights, and shape. Hopefully, this will fix my heartache.

Now onto what you all came here for- length check. And yes, these pictures are from the same day of my previous post.

p.s.- I cut my hair mostly in the front because my hair is thinner in that region and doesn’t shrink up like the rest of my fro. I also cut a few inches in the middle and front of my head because when I first went natural I thought it was heat damage when in fact some parts of my hair are just less elastic than others. Also, last January I cut about three inches off my nape because it look awkward (long story, i’ll tell you guys more about it in the future). Pics time:

Front: ck lc

ck lc 3










Side (temple):

ck lc 5










Back (nape):ck lc 4

ck lc 2










Middle:ck lc 7

ck lc 6

Well, there you have it. My length check. My next post will be “wash day” using Anita Grant’s Rhassoul clay cubes. Hope you have a wonderful day! Tata 🙂


4 thoughts on “Length Check 3 years 5 months…many setbacks

  1. I have that same problem 😦 I’ve been transitioning for a little over two years, yet my hair barely touches my shoulders unstretched and, when stretched, it reaches to about collar bone length. I take MSM, biotin, and multi-vitamins- yet it still won’t grow!

    • Yes, omg so true. I take biotin as well, and i’m still not seeing the length I thought I would achieve. 2 weeks ago I started drinking a lot more water in the mornings and began massaging my scalp often to stimulate growth. When I transitioned for a year and a half I was also at the same point as you and I could tell that my hair grew less than 6 inches a year because none of my natural hair was experiencing breakage, only my relaxed hair was. I will do a future post on how I plan to increase my growth.

  2. Some of the naturals with long hair use Henna alot and Jamican Black Castor Oil. We naturals need less protein in our hair. Protein causes breakage for me and more mositure baed products. Aloe vera juice on ends of hair will get rid of the knots. Put juice in spray bottle and spray knots to get the knots out. Always trim the spits, you can feel and trim when you two-strand twist or braid. Always use a good leave in.

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