Post “Take down”: Next day

IMG_2697Good Morning Lovelies!

Okay, so the next morning- wait, i’m lying, I actually woke up at around 2 p.m. The next afternoon I began to unravel my voluptuous twists when I realized that some of them in the back of my head were still damp. I was so annoyed, knowing that this was a result of the back of my head not getting enough oxygen because of the way I slept. The game would start in a few hours and all of my hard work to show off my sexy twist out would be wasted. So I added heat. Yep, for the first time since being fully natural these last 2 years (transitioned for a year and a 1/2) I NOW decide to use it. However, it wasn’t that bad. I used a blow dryer to the back of my hair on “warm” and switched back and forth to “cool,” never “hot.” After much of this to the back of my head I stop and let it air dry some more. By the time I returned to un-twisting them my hair was basically dry. As I was doing this I noticed how easily each twist separated into little individual waves on its own. I credit this to the amount of gel I used, and although I had a ton of buildup and flakes, it was barely noticeable because I had coated my hair with oil. This whole process of untwisting, fluffing, and using an afro pick all took no more than 15 minutes. The entire time I was doing my hair, I was cheesing and dancing in the mirror. “I look so good, girl you betta wurk!” Yea, so that’s how excited I was after seeing myself in a twist out after so long without my natural hair. On top of that- as I expected- I got compliments from every guy, girl, mom, lunch lady, janitor, random strangers, and a bunch of other people. Guys were especially stunned to see me with my new hair after it being below waist length only the day before (extensions). That’s natural hair for you. And I love it!

Okay, so enough chit chat for now, here are the pics:



After the game several hours later:


Now it’s time for texture shots! In some of these pics you can definitely see the flakes from the gel.

IMG_2768 IMG_2769



Well that’s all for today guys, but come back tomorrow and i’ll give you a length check.

p.s.- Feel free to spread the word


8 thoughts on “Post “Take down”: Next day

  1. Jhileney !!!! You’re beautiful I googled ‘Afro ‘ n your pic came up ! Omg!! 🙂 lol ur hair is fantabulous keep it up girly

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