How I clean scalp with extensions: Post 2 months

While I had my hair in extensions-for over two months- I barely washed them. In fact, I only washed my hair in the shower once, and the second time, I just used apple cider vinegar distilled with water. I find that using apple cider vinegar to only clean my scalp is a lot less work than having to wash my hair in the shower while it gets heavy and dries for two days. This new method (for me) is a lot more efficient. Below will be pictures of this process, in which I am on the surface of 2 months with extensions. Literally all I need to show you are a few pictures, it is a fairly easy process.

  • I first filled a small applicator bottle with slightly less than 1 part apple cider vinegar and three parts water. I also placed a towel around my neck to catch the solution. In all honesty, I didn’t even need half of that. I only needed about 1/4 of the amount that I made, but I didn’t bother saving it.

acv bottle

  • Next, I applied it all over my scalp until my hair was drenched while simultaneously rubbing my scalp as it got cleaned. At this point my head was beginning to itch like crazy. I began rubbing it harder to get relief (it felt really good) and I also used a comb to scratch my scalp as well. I guess this was just a sure sign that my scalp was being stripped of all it’s grease.











  • As you can see my hair is looking beyond ratchet in these photos, but, at this point, I was still able to keep these in for almost another month by wearing a beanie or bunning. After this process all I did was let it air dry and it was good to go for the next few weeks.




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