Was supposed to take them down but……

Okay so I had really gotten tired of having my Senegalese twists in and I kind of missed my hair. I had school in a week and still had in twists from the previous semester. Then I got an idea. I could take out some of the twists in the middle of my head so  that I can enjoy the feel of my natural hair, without having to take out the entire style. At this point and time I was still annoyed with my hair growth- or lack there of- so I wanted to protective style for two months. In this way it would make me appreciate my natural hair more. The sad thing is, I wasn’t moisturizing and sealing like I was supposed to. I would go 2 weeks at a time without putting a drip of water on my hair. Smh. Anyways, I was able to wear a ponytail and and buns for another 4 weeks (or slightly less) and also wore a hat when I didn’t want to put it up. I went into the new school year with old hair but everyone (I mean everyone) was giving me compliments, telling me that they “had never seen these colors this way and the twists so large”, and so on. Thing is, ever since I went natural I have been getting stares and approvals from every race, gender, sex, you name it. Even when my natural hair is covered in twists or braids, everyone seems to love it. I do as well, and I am really loving the color play I have found an interest in. I have had these in from 11/12/12- 2/1/13.  Here are some pictures of my 4 weeks with old hair.

The middle of my head before removing some.        This is after I take out out the Senegalese twists.




One thought on “Was supposed to take them down but……

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