Hey guys. I’m sorry…again. I have really been slacking and keep putting back these posts since the beginning of January.  I have new box braids in- they’re red and black, but I won’t show you guys yet because I have soooooo many updates since January from my last Senegalese twists for you guys, so hang in there.

Moving onto other topics. I really want to rock my afro wash and go style so badly, but i’m more worried about other peoples reaction to my hair than just giving it the freedom it needs. Now I know how Dawnyele (who was one of my favorite youtubers ever, may she RIP) felt when she did her wash and go challenge. When she first decided to do it I thought it was strange because I, myself, would have never gotten tired of doing twist outs and braids outs. And wa-la, I have. Yet on top of that whole wash and go thing. Since yesterday I have had the urge to dye the front parts of my hair a light or turquoise blue. I’m really tempted you guys. I even started searching for a salon to get it done for the summer. I want to get the color ASAP but I feel it will interfere with my weave/ extension/wig journey. I really don’t know. I don’t want to put it off for another year but i’m also afraid of damage. Better to damage sooner than later, lol. Plus I want to do a wash and go with my normal hair before all the color. Sigh….it is all to complicated.  I guess only time will tell.

More updates coming soon.

P.S.- New Posts will be from January on.


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