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New Posts Coming Soon

I still have these bad boy extentions in and i’m still lovin’em. Posts about my last few weeks coming up for the next several days. I’m trying to get my grind time on so look forward to it.



Happy New Year!!!!

Yes, I know guys I am 7 days a little too late but I  just wanted you guys to know that this blog is still in effect. In fact, I have a couple of posts coming out for you guys this week which may include my take down as well as some other stuff. I took out some of my Senegalese twists last night, and what would you know, I think my hair seems to be coming along quite fine despite the lack of attention it’s received these last few months. I also practiced a new twisting technique to make my twists tighter and neater- I guess I wasn’t doing that who “twirl then twist” method correctly. Anyways i’ll see you dolls soon. Toots!