I’m back for realz

Okay so lately i’ve been over thinking my whole going natural thing. I mean, I am natural right now, I have been for the last 3 years (since september), but all through my journey I have obsessed with the health of my hair. Yet although I gave my hair everything it needed, and  did absolutely EVERYTHING perfectly right I have come to the conclusion that “no, my hair will not grow as fast as the other hair gurus i follow.” It hurt me to see how other gurus had gotten greater length and fullness. It hurt me that my hair wasn’t as thick and full as fusionofcultures or xgoldn. I felt fed up but i still do absolutely love my hair. And i would NEVER go back to chemicals texturizers again. So ever since September i just didn’t even want to look at my hair. yes i loved it and yes sometimes i didn’t. I wore a type of kinky twist which i loved-and so did everyone else- for about 6 weeks until the torture was too much to bear. I had to see my real hair. But after about only a week I knew that in order to really stop obsessing about my hair and to love and accept it even more I had to punish myself one again. So then i put in long Senegalese twists. I absolutely love long extensions and ever since September I have wanted to try every form of braids, twists, wigs, and even weaves. I love that I can enjoy other styles as much as I do with my real hair. I’m just hiding my hair for this winter until i can be satisfied with it’s length. I need to learn how to be realistic with my hair and just enjoy it in the NOW. Yes i say the now because ever since being natural i was always looking forward to the next week, month, year, few years without truly embracing it in the now. And now i’m ready for that. I’ve had these in for about a month and 2 weeks. I plan to  go another 2 weeks with these in. I’ve just obsessed over my hair a little too much since being natural. I need a break. There are more important things that i should be obsessing over, like my school work. Literally over 70% of my thought process goes to my hair when i go to sleep at night. I need to change. The new year is coming up in about 3 or 4 days so I’ve started an early transition into the new year. I bought biotin yesterday. As well as a new, and un-needed, hair product called “vanilla bean,” some type of styler by i think it’s called natural genesis. I’ll give it a review soon. It feels pretty smooth and i took out one of my twists last night to try it. Moisturizing for now, but not really significant so far. Okay now i’m writing to much. So besides doing only hair reviews on this site i have found something else to take care of, my face. I’ve been doing all sorts of facials lately and trying all these concoctions. I….can’t say anymore without going on for years so i’ll be back soon to tell you more. Here is a pic of my hair. I guess you guys will finally see a face as well. Thank you for reading.



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