Kreayshawn “Gucci Gucci” Idol

Okay so the other day I was on my friend’s facebook page when I saw a picture that caught my eye: 

I thought it was beautiful. I loved her accessories and style. I had no idea in the world who she was until I read a few comments and found out that she was, Kreayshawn. After that I was all over google and youtube looking at pics and vids. Never heard about her in my life until then; but I did hear a remix of her gucci gucci song a while back. Interesting. Anways I’m not here to talk about music, or her for that matter. She is pretty, and does dress well, but through out her whole “Gucci Gucci” video, I was not at all focused on her, but her alter ego self(or so I thought). The girl who never sang but was just “there,” was stunning. I loved every piece on her. Please, I wish she was the star. Turns out she was never Kreayshawn’s alter ego, but known as lil debbie. Who supposedly doesn’t do anything; but then again almost everyone in hollywood doesn’t really “do anything”. Maybe her job is to just dress good, and make Kreayshawn look better. Hmmmmmm……..Back to her style, let me show you some pics. J’adore! :image

She’s insane right? Love it, as well as Indigo Vanity and others of course:

I’m still working on my signature look. For now all I know is that it is consisted of blue/purple lip stick, nerd glasses, and funky outfits. This post shall be continued…..


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